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We are Hiring!

Join our Belong! Team

Belong! is a faith-based, independent nonprofit dedicated to demonstrating God’s love in action by providing, or facilitating access to services that empower and equip the underserved in our community. We leverage partnerships, community engagement, and outreach to focus on educational and related services for students in elementary through high school (and their parents). Examples of our services include after-school tutoring, summer enrichment camps, college scholarship programs, parent education classes, community service projects, and other community engagement activities. 

Executive Director

Job Summary 


The Executive Director (ED) will be responsible for leading the strategic direction and the development strategy for Belong! The ED will identify opportunities to grow the organization, by expanding our services and by creating a successful development plan. The ED will work directly for the Board of Directors and will create and define a five-year future strategic plan for Belong! that includes: 1) the refinement and expansion strategies for on-going programs; 2) new programs and their timing for implementation; 3) community outreach and partnership development strategies; 4) preliminary budget priorities and plans for the first two years of the strategy; and 5) plans for development and fundraising that include grant opportunities, corporate partnerships, and donor development and stewardship. 


As a committed Christian, the ED demonstrates God’s love in action through passionate leadership of Belong!. He/she will be responsible for implementing and executing the strategy and creating measures of success by defining a schedule and milestones for implementation. The ED will work directly with the Executive Committee of the Board to report progress and challenges on a regular basis and will direct Board communications and liaison activities. The ED will articulate needs and specific requirements for Board support as appropriate, and lead Board governance, Board member recruitment, and Board development. 

The ED will oversee the activities of a small staff that includes a Director of Programs and Engagement, an Education Program Manager, a Communications Manager, and an Office Administrator. The ED will also oversee the budget, in collaboration with the Board Treasurer. 

This is a full-time position with some flexibility to work remotely and with flexible hours. Duties and Responsibilities 


  • Create, develop, and implement a growth strategy for Belong! that enables the organization to expand existing programs, establish new programs (consistent with our mission), and establish a robust development strategy that provides a sound financial footing for Belong! and its growth plans. 

  • Lead and maintain community engagement activities by identifying opportunities for, and creating partnerships with various community organizations, including (but not limited to): other nonprofits, the Fairfax County Public School System (FCPSS), commercial businesses, grant-making organizations, churches and other faith-based organizations, and the Town of Vienna. 

  • Raise awareness for Belong!’s programs and successes in the community and lead strategic communications activities by being “the face of Belong!” to the community and our partners. 

  • Drive a successful development strategy by identifying a potential new, dedicated donor base, and providing stewardship to existing donors; creating and leading a corporate engagement strategy; driving a grant-development strategy and timeline for execution; and identifying potential new opportunities for funding streams. 

  • Provide a positive and collaborative work environment for a small, talented and dedicated staff. Support their activities as appropriate and provide assistance as needed to help them achieve success, while allowing them creative space and independence in the execution of their respective activities. 

  • Lead Board engagement and liaison activities, including development of a regular cadence of board and committee meetings, development of meeting agendas, and maintenance of governance activities (such as maintenance of policies, Board development, etc.). 

  • In cooperation with the Board Chair and Treasurer, develop and oversee the execution of a yearly budget for Belong!, consistent with the mission and strategy implementation.

  • Given that this role is externally focused on building relationships and partnerships, as well as attending or leading various types of events, some weekend and evening responsibilities should be expected. 



Required Skills/Abilities: 


  • A committed Christian who enthusiastically affirms the values, vision, and mission of Belong!. 

  • Experience with leading, and/or performing at the highest levels of a small nonprofit, or the equivalent. 

  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. 

  • Experience with strategy development, fundraising, and/or grant development for a small nonprofit or equivalent 

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field; Master’s degree preferred 

  • Strong leadership skills with ability to motivate and encourage others.

  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively, creatively and collegially with peers, volunteers, clientele, and other stakeholders within the community. 

  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to work independently. 

  • Demonstrated resourcefulness and good judgment. 

  • Spanish language fluency a plus, not a requirement 

  • Familiarity with the Vienna community and Fairfax County, and their services is a plus, not a requirement.

Please send an email with your resume to

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