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Give us a hand and start making a difference. 


Volunteer With Us!

All potential volunteers must complete the following (in either order):

Those who desire to work with children or students (through mentoring or other activities), must also complete a brief interview (via zoom or in-person), read and agree to our Code of Conduct, and if over 18, complete a background check. 

Current Volunteer Needs

Check out our upcoming and ongoing opportunities to get involved:

  • After-School Mentor for school year 2024-25. Make a weekly commitment to impact a child's life! Click here to learn more about our program or check out the job descriptions for working with elementary school students here

  • Event Photographer. If interested, sign up to come to one of our Orientations. Click here for the job description. 

  • Donate snacks for our After-school Youth Academic Programs. Please help us by donating a healthy snack for our spring Mentoring program students. Sign up here


If you're uncertain about the type of volunteer position you'd like to pursue, we invite you to join us at one of our orientations. Alternatively, you can take the next step by completing our Volunteer Application. Your journey with us starts here! We are so grateful for your support and service!

Apply Today

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