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The College Career Success Coach Program

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 Unlock Lifelong Success: Elevate your future with our College Career Success Coach Program.  

Belong invites students to embark on the path to lifelong success! We champion the belief that every young individual has unique talents and interests, which can be developed and used in a rewarding career. As high school seniors approach their graduation, we are committed to unlocking the unique potential within each individual and transforming goals into reality. 


Students will partner with Belong for up to three years to forge a post-high school education and career path.  Program services include: 


  • A Tailored Career Path: Discover a spectrum of career opportunities aligned with personal interests, opening doors to endless possibilities. 

  • Debt-Free Financial Aid Grants and Scholarships: Seamlessly navigate and apply for financial aid grants and scholarships, ensuring a debt-free path.

  • Success Coach: Gain insight from an experienced advisor who knows the ropes when it comes to college and career training and employment pathways.  

  • Success Preparation: Receive comprehensive guidance and support to thrive as a post-high school student in college or a professional workforce training program.

  • Mentorship and Peer Network: Connect with a devoted mentor and a community of like-minded peers, fostering mutual support and encouragement. 


Explore specialized programs at Northern Virginia Community College; technical programs (dental assistant, CNA, phlebotomist, EMT); or the trades (electrical, HVAC, plumbing). 


To apply, contact Lynn O’Connell at

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